Hehe, here's a great line from the sports columnist at Salon, King Kaufman.
Salon.com | King Kaufman's Sports Daily: "'The president has trademarked starting the game on third base,' a fictional Justice Department official said on the condition of not having a name made up for him."


Yup.... and I'm hoping to be one of them soon.

Survey: More Parents Playing Video Games - Yahoo! News


Lol... I know exactly what he means.

Braves & Birds - The Atlanta Sports Blog: "Mr. Tagliabue, how do you sleep at night?" "On top of piles of money with many beautiful women!": "it always worries me when I do something that Red Staters love and Blue Staters abhor. In that period, I had the same feeling of disquiet listening to Merle Haggard, eating at Waffle House, drinking bourbon, and being outside in February. Then I remembered that my party pissed away the election by nominating a liberal from Massachusetts who had all the personality of Herb Sendek and I felt strangely better."


I think this is a pretty accurate summation of the state of digital music. As someone who has taken to buying music online (iTunes) almost exclusively, I think it's a welcome change. I think they'd have been better off spending the last 5 years adjusting to digital delivery, rather than suing 10 year olds.

EMI's Nicoli sees Internet reviving music industry - Yahoo! News: "'We've moved on from the days when the main impact of digital technology was to harm our industry by facilitating rampant online and physical theft,' he said. 'The day is surely within our sights when digital growth outstrips physical decline and we can all compete for share of a growing pie.'"


Nice - my google ads include WoW gold farming (unsuprising) and industrial chemical mixing equipment. What I like about the second one is that it fits in nicely with a long-running joke between my wife and me. When we got married, she wanted to register for a mixer. I, having just seen some industrial lab catalog at work, and wanting to flaunt our geek pride, campaigned to register for a "bench-scale homogenizer." Basically, an industrial labratory mixer. In a harbinger of our lives together, she prevailed. ;-)
If you notice posts missing, it's not me depublishing. I had some problems with duplicate posts yesterday. Let's just chalk it up to Friday the 13th gremlins.


Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | Video Dog

It's actually a cat.
Michigan Football Forum: Stop the One-Peat

Pretty good points by some Michigan folks (wow, that looks odd in print).

Here's a referencing link from the USC side.

I'll run it by some LSU folks and get some input.
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ESPN.com: Page 2 : Uni Watch: Uni Vision: "• From Tom McCaffrey: 'I imagine you're going to get more than a few e-mails about this, but the best Rose Bowl-related uniforms are those on the USC Song Leaders.' And sure enough, Carl Mazzone adds, 'Last year, during their trip to the Orange Bowl, the USC Song Leaders wore orange patches over their, well oranges.'"
Moroccan's game smooth as silk | ajc.com

I'd mock, but they beat Tech this year.


Salon.com Life | Broadsheet

Interesting note on recent trends in US marriage patterns.
Jeremy Hermanns dot org » Alaska Flight #536 - Rapid De-Pressurization and Panic at 30K Feet

Interesting... I was pointed to this from the Ask the Pilot column on Salon, and I think I'd have to agree that the author comes off sounding a little dramatic.

Here's the Salon article...


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Mobhunter.com: Expansion Announcement: Prophecy of Ro

Wow, Everquest is still going strong. This seems like an appropriate subject for my first continuation post. Two years ago, I was playing that game excessively, to the point my wife was actually familiar with the Yahoo! EQ Widows group.

Now, I just have a milder infatuation with world of warcraft.