Time for a reinvention

Well, it's been nearly four months since I've posted anything, let alone anything of significance. What's happened... most of the first and all of the second trimester of my wife's pregnancy have passed, I've started a new [old] job. I'm sure y'all can see why I haven't found much in which to write.

However, I'm newly motivated to write. An evening scouring Myspace revealed a much greater number of old friends online, at least compared to my last survey of that scene. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but I've been feeling more nostalgic lately, more interested in cultivating old friendships. Therefore, I resolve to make a greater effort to this blog (I haven't exactly set the bar high, though.) So, if anyone comes looking, there may be something worth finding.

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Zauberwelt said...

Hi Steve! I've also been infected with nostalgia lately -- something about being thirty damn years old, I suspect.