How often do you find yourself at an imminent life-changing event? I mean, I know right now, Friday, December 15, 2006, 3:12 AM, that there is a very very high likelihood that I could be a father before the day ends today.

My wife, who is 39 weeks pregnant, also happens to be an obstetrician herself. She is on this day working a 24-hour call. She called me at about 2:30 am, worried that her blood pressure was high. Apparently this is a strong indicator that she/they might need to induce her into labor tomorrow morning. Basically, it was a heads up call.

Now, my pituitary gland is working overdrive, I'm amped on adrenaline, and sleepy-groggy-confused has completely vanished. I've double checked our packed bags. I checked batteries on everything (camera, video camera, radio) and freed up the memory space on all the devices. The bags are lined up by the door, and I'm contemplating showering (at 3:15 am) and could probably be talked into sleeping with my clothes on.


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