My Deadspin Entry for Flawed Merchandise

In response to the Deadspin "Amazon.com Has Your Potentially Flawed Merchandise" post - I have a classic Losing Team Championship shirt. I found a faded "St Louis Cardinals - 1985 World Series Champions" t-shirt in an Atlanta thrift store 6 or 7 years ago. Since the Cards were the first baseball team I ever loved, I snatched up that memento, and have stubbornly hung on to it, in case Don Denkinger admits his folly and I start shooting heroin and lose the 50 pounds needed to actually fit the size small t-shirt on my 6'1" 210# frame.

Also, the shirt was a great litmus test - my then-girlfriend, upon seeing a ratty, faded, lying t-shirt on a hanger, questioned it, naturally. Upon relation of the story, though, she did not roll her eyes or mutter something about "that's following your paisley couch and bowling shirts out to the curb" - rather, she suggested it should be in a more prominent display than the back of my closet. 5 years of marriage later, she still feels the same way.

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