What I Do

The EPA press release below illustrates what I do, for y'all's information. Basically, I work to help my clients avoid this kind of thing. Mostly engineering with a little legal added to the mix.

Note: I have never worked at the facility mentioned below, and know nothing about the specifics mentioned therein. I just picked it semi-randomnly because it has big numbers, in an effort to make myself seem more important.

Environmental Protection Agency - EPA Press Release: Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Faces Fine for Ozone Violations in Stratford, Conn.: "(Boston, Mass. - Mar. 31, 2006) - A fine of more than $325,000 may be levied under an EPA complaint against the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation for violations of the federal stratospheric ozone protection regulations and two federal hazardous air pollutant standards. The complaint follows up on administrative orders issued to Sikorsky in both 2004 and 2005, and is EPA’s third case in three months against New England companies for violations of the ozone protection program. "

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